Import articles from old blog

i have a very old blog ( .asp) .
This blog use a very obsolete “framework” .
I’d like to retrieve some old blog articles!
I have only 2 way to export articles data:
Download db local…AND…Open Access (yesssssss Access: .mdb!!!) and extract data manually
feed rss

Is it possible to import articles (one by one) via an RSS feed? How?


(sorry for my “inglish”)

Hi! There are several options for migrating articles to Ghost, which are detailed here:

Unfortunately, RSS isn’t one of the options. There are tools (like this) that can convert RSS feeds to JSON, but I’m not sure how much editing it would require to get it into the format that Ghost expects. That might still be easier than manually copying everything over.

I hope that’s helpful!

Ok thanks.
I chose to extract the html from the db.
It is the simplest solution.