How to import RSS feeds and display in Ghost?

I want to import RSS feeds from several sources and display them in Ghost. Is there some plugin to do this?

I checked contents API, but I don’t see a way there how to insert contents, just how to read.

Thank you in advance.

Do you mean you want to syndicate content from an RSS feed as individual posts in Ghost, or do you mean you want to display a list of content from 3rd party sites on your page in a sidebar or widget?

Well, any or both.

They’re two completely different things with two different solutions - so if you want help you’re gonna need to be specific :slight_smile:

I primarily want to display all RSS that I fetch as posts under different categories.

Hey, I just realised you have undocumented “private API”. That should do it (at least possible in th old API) :blush:

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