Pull RSS feed data from 3rd party sites

How can I display RSS news feed from 3rd party sites on my page.

Thank you

Hey! It’s possible to do this with JavaScript, what kind of RSS feed is it? Does the external feed have an API or a JSON version? This would be easier to handle than RSS

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The RSS feed that I am talking about is something like this http://www.acnnewswire.com/rss/lang/english.xml

Also interested to know the way to pull data from API or JSON, Is it possible create page and display on it?
Is there any tutorial or guideline based on it?

Thank you

Just to clarify, are you wanting to add content from a feed into your Ghost site? Or create feeds that are coming from your Ghost site?

yes, want to add content from a feed into my ghost site.

How familiar are you with JavaScript? You might want to look into the the fetch API that can pull content in from external resources so you can construct HTML for it

I use rss2json.com for the RSS feeds on our main website at https://www.stoutbowman.com/rss.html. The free plan updates the feed every hour, allows up to 10,000 requests per day and up to 25 feeds in all. It uses a javascript file to retrieve the feed from their site. What is displayed can be easily (and probably should be) determined by your javascript file after it retrieves the raw feed from rss2json. I can send you an example if you decide to try it.