How to make all external links open in new tab in Ghost

I use Ghost for my blogging platform. I am trying to figure out why my external links all open in the same browser tab.

Is there a way to get all external links to open in a new tab?

This has been covered in another thread here on the forum, which can be searched for :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried this solution and cannot figure out how to make it work. How do I create a single named tag called (moredetail) I am not sure how to use this example.

Hi @IndustryExperts
Check out my answer here I want my external links to open in a new tab - #26 by SixBytesUnder I’ve posted a little code snippet that does not use any named tabs, just opens a new tab for all external links.

Please use the original thread and don’t open duplicate topics :slightly_smiling_face: