How to Make An Image Unclickable in a Post

I’m embedding a small image at the end of each of my posts, but a cursor appears when I hover over the image and will open in a new window if I click on it. I don’t want viewers of my site to be able to see the cursor or be able to open the image.

Hoping someone can offer advice how to disable the clickable image. Thanks for any help!

Ghost 5.x
Maido Theme

This sounds like it’s theme-specific behavior. Can you share a link to a page where it’s happening, so we can help diagnose it?

Hey Ryan, Thanks for the quick response!
Here’s a link to a post where the image is clickable. The image is the last thing on the page at the very bottom of the all-text post, just above the subscribe/footer. It’s a jpg of a signature.

screenshot of the image in question attached. Thanks for any solutions!!

It’s a feature of your theme, which is using the lightense library to zoom images. Your theme developer might have an easy way to disable this feature for certain images, so I’d reach out to them.

You could also disable the library for all images, which would require you to edit your theme.

Finally, you could also just leave it as is. I don’t think it detracts from your content and your site looks pretty sweet!

Hey Ryan,
Thanks for the help!! I appreciate you looking into it and the supportive words!
I’m still learning the ropes with Ghost, so thanks for the patience. I’ll give my developer a shout but just might keep it the way it is as it’s probably a little easier at this point ;)