How to run a headless ghost instance, but be able to manage posts with the editor?

I am not sure how to call it, but the way I want to use ghost is the following:

  • self hosted
  • content accessible via API, I will inject it into my React frontend
  • the only UI I want is the post management feature. I want it to be accessible via my domain from any device, but only this - no front end for the blog

How would I do this? I tried setting it up, but I can either get the fully fledged blog with both blog and post management or just locally available version.

You’ll want to use a custom admin url. Things to consider:

  1. url should be configured as your react URL (e.g. https://your. Site)
  2. The admin.url should be where you want to host your Ghost instance (e.g.
  3. When using the Content API in react, you will point to your admin URL (e.g.
  4. Make sure to disable the frontend.