How to set Monthly membership as default display instead of Yearly

Hi all,
Ideally I’d like to offer three payment tiers to subscribers: Free, Monthly, and Annual, but it appears that every tier level requires both monthly and yearly. FYI this seems counterproductive for anyone like myself who wants to offer different subscription levels based on length of subscription.
But If I’m forced to use one tier on which I must offer both Monthly and Yearly subscriptions, I’d prefer the Monthly tab to be the default display and not the Yearly option. Can’t seem to find how to set this up. Any advice is appreciated!!

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Hey did you have any luck figuring this out?

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I have the same question. For now, I’ve had to remove yearly altogether :(

No, still no solution unfortunately. I’ve given up on it for now but hope to get something figured out eventually. I’ll post any solution I reach here tho. If you figure something out let me know!!!

This seems like a fairly simple configuration setting to add. Hope the Staff sees this and adds it in an upcoming release.

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Really would love this option!