How to show posts on secondary tag pages, not just primary tags


At LanguaTalk, we’re setting up category pages for each different language available to learn on our website.

We still have an overall hub page at LanguaTalk Spanish Podcast: Learn Spanish Through Conversation

We want some of our posts to show here, as well as on the language specific category pages. In the Ghost docs, it states: ‘some themes will only display the primary tag (the first tag in the list) by default.’

This appears to be the case with our theme, Hue by Aspire Themes. I cannot find anywhere instructions on how to change this so that any secondary tags added will result in the posts showing on the associated category pages. Can anyone help with this?


@ahmadajmi Are you able to help here please? I’ve wasted a lot of time over the last month trying to work things out that should be simple and covered in some documentation, either by Ghost or the theme. I just need to be able to show posts under secondary tags, rather than just primary tags.

Update: I finally worked it out. In case anyone else runs into the same issue, the solution is below. It was to use a channel rather than a collection for the posts that we want to show on our main blog hub. I also added ‘featured:true’ so we can select which posts we want to show here without having to use tags. Of course, I could have saved hours if Ghost had pointed this out where they note that ‘some themes will only display the primary tag (the first tag in the list) by default’.

    controller: channel
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: blog
    filter: tag:[spanish,french,podcast]+featured:true

    permalink: /podcast/{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:podcast+tag:-french+tag:-spanish
    permalink: /french/{slug}/
    data: page.the-languatalk-blog-french
    template: french
    filter: tag:french+tag:-podcast+tag:-spanish
    permalink: /spanish/{slug}/
    data: page.the-languatalk-blog-spanish
    template: spanish
    filter: tag:spanish+tag:-podcast+tag:-french