How to submit an integration

I’m thinking about creating an integration, but before I do so I want to make sure I can list it here

For some reason I can’t find any documentation or this question asked anywhere on the internet. I’m just wondering how / where do you submit an integration (and create documentation).

Can I ask what integration you’re planning on building? :blush:

@DavidDarnes I’d just like to find the answer to my question. Not just for me, but I feel like it’s an answer that should be available for the general public. It should be documented somewhere.

I can be more specific:

  • Does there need to be an initial proposal?
  • If there needs to be an initial proposal, where would that be made (GitHub issue)?
  • Wondering how this list is generated. Is it manually curated or automatically pulled in from somewhere?

I think it’s important for developers to know the answers to these questions before diving in. The integration I have in mind is just in idea form at the moment and not really worth discussing.

But, as a teaser @DavidDarnes - I own a website called Automated Lighthouse Check which runs website quality checks with Google’s Lighthouse and I’m thinking of building an integration that could monitor the home page and posts of a Ghost website.

Hey Adam :wave:t3: I can help answer that question.

Our integrations library is something we manually curate internally. There’s no process for being listed in this library because it’s not a public directory.

We decide which integrations to list based on our own research about what the most beneficial tools are for Ghost users, as well as from direct customer feedback.

You’re more than welcome to suggest integrations on this forum, which is a great place to see if other people in the community would find it useful too :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kym! This helps clarify why I wasn’t finding any documentation. I am still confused by some of the terminology like “we” and “internally” as I was under the impression this is an “open-source” project. I’m curious about how the decision is made to accept an integration exactly, but I’m imagining a case by case situation based on who’s participating in the forum. My only concern is that such a “loose” way of making such a determination and a variable level of participants (as curators?) the outcome may not always be fair.