How to translated Dashboard terms?

Hi, I was wondering if I could translate the terms used in the admin, for example using “articoli” instead of “posts”. I see there’s no option for that, but I was thinking making it manually. I want to create a user who can only write post and pages, but he needs a language different than English. How can I change the terms used in the Dashboard?

Ciao Sigul,
sei poi riuscito a risolvere il problema della traduzione del back-end Admin? Anche io come te ho lo stesso problema e non so che strada prendere.
In realtà più che tradurre il back-end avrei il piacere di tradurre solo la parte che riguarda l’iscrizione a pagamento sul sito che si presenta solo il lingua inglese…

Buona giornata!

Devi costruire una custom UI

Oppure fare degli accrocchi

Ciao intanto e grazie per la risposta! Ho iniziato da poco con Ghost self-hosted e mi chiedo come posso accedere ai file (quale file devo modificare?) per apportare la modifica per il customUI?
Hai una dritta per consigliarmi al download del contenuto del droplet? Uso DigitalOcean.


there’s this resource from that should be useful, but unfortunately the blog is not accessible at the moment. Essentially, you clone the original portal and use it in your git project. this is necessary to edit the wording of the popup-box.

alternatively, you can disable the portal and refer to Ghost Doc to create a page with the pricing table and a subscription form (that you can even add as a reusable template in the the editor or insert in the theme’s files).

That requires you to fork and customize Admin Repo using the instructions here

thanks! What does this exactly imply? What does a user lose?

Not sure what you mean .

It is basically customizing the admin console. The only downside I can think of is that you have to keep up with the Ghost Admin console changes that Ghost product introduces and merge them properly. There maybe merge conflicts you will need to resolve. This is standard GitHub fork process and maintenance