How we can add an in-line CTAs/buttons to a blog post?

:wave:Hi there Ghost Fam!

Using Ghost as a Headless CMS. Wondering how we can add an in-line button to a blog post?

We have a that we have a button to subscribe at the end of the blog post (possible by a Code injection). But it only allows us to have a Button at the bottom of the blog post. Is there a way to have an in-line button?


You can add a button as a HTML card and defining the styles using CSS. You can see a live example here (i added the button just to show you):

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for. I can prepare a blog post showing step by step how to do this if that helps!

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Like @gregpozo said, the HTML card is ideal for adding CTA buttons within your content. I’ve had a quick peek at your staging site and I can see it’s built with Next.js, maybe you’re able to get a copy of the button at the bottom of the article and put it into a HTML card for Next.js to enable that same interaction?

Here’s related thread which shows how the HTML card works in the Ghost editor:

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