How we can use thumbnails images in posts?


hello! first time i develop with Ghost so im probably missing something; my question is when we upload images inside a post, how we can have them re-sized, and only if someone clicks it to get full size?

another a bit irrelevant question, is it possible to search on server for adding an image? in case we want to re-use an image we have upload already in the past?


Resized thumbnail images within content is not yet built-in, although images will be resized to a 2000px max and optimised. For display purposes you could use client-side JS if you want to display images at smaller sizes and open full-screen on click.

No, that feature doesn’t exist. You should re-upload the image, or you can grab the URL of your previously uploaded image and use that when inserting an image card by typing:

/image then Enter


hello Kevin,
this is kinda huge huge issue, specially for me that im gonna use lots of imaging on posts :(((
is there any progress on that? i cant find an issue on Github

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