How's your membership site going?

I am writing at the membership site about topics, tutorials, tips and tricks focused on Arch and Debian GNU/Linux.

I also run a forum at

The trouble I am having is that I have no idea how to find my first member or subscriber or even how to get my first outside post on the forum.

Does anyone have any suggestions for building community at the very early stages?

I think the login process is pretty easy for people to follow. In past the biggest thing has been people forgetting passwords. Ghost membership doesn’t use a password system. The biggest issue has been some of the email providers spam filters classifying the login email as spam

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cool :slight_smile: yeah, Substack doesn’t have the most optimal ‘logging in’ process. Folks have to do it every time, get emailed a ‘magic link’ etc. It’s a bit clunky. ood to hear you’re finding it good on Ghost.

Oh wow! Your website is really cool, I’ve signed up for the newsletter—more to understand how you’re using Ghost as a Substack alternative. I did ask the Ghost team if they had a theme that was like Publisher Weekly! But they suggested I get in touch with developers. Yes, if they add email stats I’d like to make the switch over to Ghost! The plan is to grow Substack first

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After using EmailOctopus since I switched to Ghost recently, I’m about to start experimenting with sending newsletters from Ghost (I’ve been enjoying PublisherWeekly, too). I feel like the Substack blog/newsletter combo is really powerful (and simple).

ps. I’m using @dan’s Substation theme which was just what I was after (I liked Substack’s UX and the landing page seems to convert well).

pps. for what it’s worth, I was on Substack whilst I grew my list. really glad I was, and I still recommend it to folks to use until they’ve got a list and can then make a decision. (I run a 2nd newsletter on substack)


Cool, well I’m a subscriber! I’m going to stay on Substack to grow. Will think of transitioning in 6-9 months…

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thanks! sounds like a good plan. (I was on Substack ~9months, and Proseful for ~3, before I moved to Ghost)