I want to add "country" tags - is it possible?

I want to have two sets of tags. Your regular tagging system that is already built into ghost, and a second tag system, which is only (all) countries in the world.

Pretty much it should be a straight up copy of how tags work, but in a separate table in the database and with a separate little editing box where you can add it.

dynamic routing is not going to be the solution for this.

Imagine a website with news, and thing categorized as “finance” news and even tagged with whatever else in the Ghost tagging system, but then you can also find another set of tags in a different color, and that’s the country that this news is from.

The reason I don’t think dynamic routing can be used here is because there are 195 countries in the world, all need to be made available, but I don’t want to see them when I’m typing in “finance” in the regular tags…

That would require changing the Ghost core. That’s a thing you can do, if you’re self-hosting. It’s not an easy thing, necessarily.

If you don’t want to go there, then it might be worth thinking about how to coerce the current system into giving you what you want. I think it’s probably possible to do something clever on the front end (that users see) to treat the country tags differently, but changing how the admin panel looks is going to require Ghost core changes.

Here’s an example of using city tags and other tags together: https://www.citymyway.com/

I am self-hosting and would want to edit the core.