Idea: Please support SMTP mail server config

Hi. I’m new to Ghost, but very technical. I was able to manually configure registration eMail support, but it was almost an entire day of reading the NodeMailer documentation and trial and error getting the configuration parameters in the correct order.

I understand that mailgun support was probably straightforward to add, but I hate the idea of having to subscribe to a service for something as simple as running a mail server (I’ve been running my own mail server for 20+ years now).

I would greatly appreciate it if we could have the choice of configuring ghost with a mail server (exposing the features of NodeMailer in the admin GUI), or a mail service, both for subscriptions and eMail blasts.


This has been requested in the forums before:

A staff member responded curtly:

Ghost newsletter functionality depends on Mailgun. This will not change for the forseeable future. It has nothing to do with restrictions. You cannot just send bulk email newsletters with SMTP. That is not how email newsletters work.

Without further explanation. So far, I’ve been using successfully, instead.

Here’s a more recent quote from the docs:

Self-hosted Ghost installs can configure bulk email by entering Mailgun API keys from the Members settings in Labs . Note: Delivering bulk email newsletters can not be done with basic SMTP. A bulk mail provider is a requirement to reliably deliver bulk mail. At present, Mailgun is the only supported bulk email provider. Mailgun is free for up to 600 emails per month, and has very reasonable pricing beyond that.

Ghost does support SMTP for all emails except newsletters. Newsletters cannot be sent with SMTP. This is thoroughly documented throughout our website.

Ghost’s newsletter functionality works with Mailgun. If you do not like Mailgun, you are very welcome to sign up for and use a different newsletter provider instead of Ghost’s newsletter functionality.

This will not change.