Ikken template and dropdown menu

I bought ikken template, I find it very beautiful, elegant and modern.

I would like to create a dropdown menu, is there an easy way without messing up the code too much?

Thank you

That’s a nice one. From looking at the documentation, I don’t see any indication that it has dropdown menu code included. There are several posts on the forum with dropdown code samples posted (search the forum for ‘dropdown’), but you’ll probably need to adapt things somewhat for that theme, especially since it doesn’t have a horizontal menu bar built in that you could start from. Where did you envision wanting the dropdown menu to be?

Thanks for taking the time to read the documentation as well.

I want the menu to remain like this, that is vertical, without changing the structure.

I had imagined making the menu texts with a slightly smaller font so as to recover space, clicking on the items opens submenus slightly shifted to the right.

something like this, clearly keeping the template design: