Image Attribution field for the Post Image


I sometimes use images from WikiCommons as the “post image” for my Ghost posts. I would like to add an image attribution for the post image. Ideally, in the published post, the attribution would render at the top-left corner of the post image.

As far as I can tell, Ghost currently has no built-in way to attribute the post image; so I place the image attribution at the bottom of the post. Here is an example with the attribution at the bottom of my post.

If it does not already exist, I would like to create a custom integration that provides a field for “post image attribution.”


  1. Where is the documentation that would help me build a custom integration of that nature?
  2. Does an integration of this nature already exist? Where can I find it?

Mockup The red arrow points to my ideal integration:

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Hey :wave:. We already have a thread about a feature like this over here:

If you’re wanting to contribute to Ghost then check out our contributing guide: