Importing metadata from WordPress into Ghost

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I’m a brand new Ghost User. I’m currently assisting in a project where we are migrating a blog from WordPress into Ghost. The blog we are migrating has over 11,000 posts. As per the official guide from Ghost here: Official guide: How to migrate from WordPress to Ghost , Metadata is not included when using the import/export plugin.

We really need to retain the metadata due to it’s importance with SEO, however this will not be feasible to do manually and we need to be able to import these from the original WordPress site. Is there some way that this can be done? Any help would be appreciated!

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Depending on which meta data we’re talking about, you could use the Ghost Content API to create the posts rather than the plugin: Ghost Content API Documentation

@jannis Jannis, I think you meant to link the Admin API? :) Content is just for reading.

@bcato4 I’d look at either parsing an export from WP that does include the meta data and creating the posts in Ghost using the Admin API, or crawling the site and retrieving the posts (including metadata) that way.

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Ahh…early morning posts :sweat_smile:
Thanks for spotting that!

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Similar to you, I moved off Wordpress just over a year ago - it was a little daunting - with over 3,500 articles dating back nearly 10 years.

From a SEO and metadata perspective, the one thing that I had to get my head around was the light touch that Ghost has when I thought I really needed it coming from Wordpress.

I’m assuming you are referring to popular Wordpress SEO plugins like Yoast? And that you have data within there?

In the long run for me, the only parts that really mattered were meta description along with the usual title.

You should note, that categories and tags are slightly different. Ghost tags are somewhat equivalent to your Wordpress categories.