In Casper, how would you change the twitter icon to an instagram icon?

Not a big twitter user, would prefer an instagram logo there.


Casper uses inline SVG icons, included via Handlebars partials. You can find all icons inside /partials/icons. To use an icon just include the name of the relevant file, eg. To include the SVG icon in /partials/icons/rss.hbs - use {{> "icons/rss"}}.

You will have to add an Instagram SVG icon to the /partials/icons folder and then replace {{> "icons/twitter"}} with {{> "icons/instagram"}} .

The weird part is, I can’t find a single file where these icons are being called, which means somehow they’re being called from the {{navigation}}. Not sure how that works if there is no navigation.hbs partial.

It’s being called by default.hbs

It’s not just a straight svg file either. The icons are in .hbs files?

I’m not really sure where to go from here.

Yes, the SVGs should be in .hbs files. Can you post the code where the icons are being called? I suspect your version may be different from what’s currently on GitHub.