In need of some Direction for creating a Multi-Language Site using the Tutorial

Hey there Folks,

i’m Just starting out with the Tutorial on how to do a “Multi - Language” Site and i got a little bit confused about it. :thinking:

A little explanation, for maybe better understand where i’am struggling right now:

My new Site comes with a .blog as TLD and the Name its a Mixup of a German and English wording that exist in both Languages. So because of this nature, i will first write in German and secondary in English, that’s where my headache is starting.

In the Tutorial, mentioned above, the shown Example goes with creating a “Collection for German” and i was thinking that i just have to replace all the “de” shown with en for English, because this will be the secondary Language i’m will work with.



permalink: /{slug}/
filter: ‘tag:-en’
permalink: /en/{slug}/
filter: ‘tag:en’

tag: /tag/{slug}/
author: /author/{slug}/

So i just have to take the shown Code Example from the Tutorial and copy/paste it into my downloaded Routes.yaml ?!

Is this Thinking (Path?) correct or False? :flushed:

What’s about the whole Thing of creating a new Template, can i just use the existing standard One and edit it to fit my needs?

Or do i have to do creat something from scratch in order to proceed?
I’m a bit lost… :weary::flushed: