Inline signup form (free) in story

This has probably been explained somewhere. I’m looking for a super easy route to have a one-field signup box to collect an email address that would add someone as a free member to the default email list.

Something like this. So it doesn’t take them away from the article page. They put in their email and voila! They are a free member and will then receive the next email send.

I know Ghost requires a username of some kind, so perhaps it would enter the email in both fields? Not sure. But I am just looking for a low-barrier way to insert a card like this into the body of published articles. … I’m sure there are great solutions out there!

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I explain how to do so here.

And I’ll be able to show it to you live in action in a few days time.

It sounds like @Stromfeldt has got you covered :smile:

The general approach I’d take would be to create an HTML card following the docs here:

Then, save the HTML card as a snippet so you can easily add it into posts.

Here’s an example of how it’s implemented on the Edition theme: Edition/default.hbs at 95e35a54cd306f60f15380a930c70d85a6ed6493 · TryGhost/Edition · GitHub

The trickiest part of this is getting the CSS right for the best user experience:

Thank you both! I will review all of this. Love the Ghost forum. :)

Hey Emilie,

Just an additional option here, Outpost is about to launch a way to do this that:

  1. puts this kind of CTA in every post automagically based on where you tell it to show up (after the 3rd paragraph or before the 2nd paragraph from the bottom) and you can change that at any time
  2. let’s you update the design dynamically (e.g. change the design in one spot, and it changes on every post including past ones), and
  3. only shows to unknown readers so not to bug those who are already subscribers or paying subscribers

I will add that our implementation 1) still requires someone to confirm their email address and gives a message after they submit that they need to confirm it by checking their inbox.

Additionally, I prefer this method to an HTML card added to the post because it’s cleaner to me. CTAs are not really content and if you ever migrate to a different CMS, you don’t want to have to clean these HTML boxes out of your content.

LMK if you want to beta test

Yes, pls sign me up. I definitely would like to have a look and consider it.