InoLetter - Newsletter focused ghost theme

I am very excited to share our brand new ghost theme called InoLetter. Its a newsletter focused ghost theme to create & launch a Newsletter site in no time utilizing the power of Ghost Publication Platform.

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The List price of the theme is $US48.99, to get 40% discount from the list price use code FC50OFF at checkout.



Inner Dark

Theme features

  • Newsletter Focused theme
  • Name of the subscriber on Subscription form
  • Membership support
    • Sign in page
    • Signup page
    • Account page
    • Pricing page
    • Notifications
    • Call to action for subscription in members, paid-members only post.
    • Post visibility depending on access
  • Priority Support
  • Clean & responsive design
  • Lightweight
  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Enhanced performance
  • Responsive images
  • Lazy Loading for images
  • Instant Search
  • Social share support for posts
  • Responsive videos
  • Translation ready
    • English, Spanish, Italian, French & Turkish included.
  • Publication title & description
  • Publication Cover Image
  • Publication icon & Logo
  • Featured post support
  • Primary & secondary Navigation
    • Primary navigation on header
    • Secondary navigation on footer
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, twitter, Instagram and all other embed
  • Previous and next post link in single post view
  • Well structured & commented codes
  • Easy to customize
  • Developer friendly

Hope you guys like the theme… your feedback & opinions are much appreciated.
For any support shoot us an email at We will reach back to you within 24 hours.

Salehin Khan
Team Inoryum

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Link seems to be broken?

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Hey it’s not but I can check to be sure

I have checked the links & dns all seems to be working fine… what error or message you are getting from your end ?

Darkmode is not work well and on mobile, the feature images should full wide instead of left side because Title is too narrow for visible.

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Hope Feature Post display as well.

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Can set the Welcome Subscribe display once per session? When I click on the Logo it display again and again instead of index post list page.

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Thanks @cuongtran. for your feedback. Will update all the issues currently have by end of today.

Feature post & site cover support will be added to next release


  • Fixed the welcome Subscription form once per session
  • Fixed responsive issues including the articles on mobile
  • Improved the dark/Light mode

Thanks @cuongtran for reporting the issues.

URL is broken here

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Thanks for reporting this. I ran a trace route seems it’s resolving fine but from some location I am getting same report… it’s only occuring the sites on gcp. I am reaching out to gcp support.

Btw can you send me your location via DM

Here’s one more, same trouble. Let me know if you need something from me to help you fix - thanks !

Thanks for reporting… its more of dns or server related issue I am checking one by one …
Can you please send your location?

@samjamesnz @pascalandy @Caucasus-and-Mercury Its a DNS problem & I am investigating the issue further.
Temporary solution is to use google public DNS( and to your router or Network adaptor.
Again thanks for reporting the issue & for your patience’s. I am trying to solve the issue as soon as possible

Link 404’d, website works but subdomain for preview does not resolve.

Hey @benravetta
Thanks for reporting from your side too…

I am working on it … DId some dns modifications… hopefully the this issue will be resolved within 24 hours

Link works fine for me now :slight_smile: Nice job.

Thanks for the confirmation…

Dark version should be updated more. It looks too darker and I can’t read the text