Installed Ghost on Docker. But can't setup SMTP

Hi, I recently installed the cyberpanel on my VPS, configured everything, and installed ghost on docker. Now my ghost blog is up and running. But, I can’t understand setting up SMTP because I can’t find any config.development.json file inside the ghost directory.

Here is all I can see in the ghost folder. No config.development.json there:

So, how do I set up SMTP? I already have Mailgun SMTP details. If you need any other information, I can provide them. Thank you!

The Docker image doesn’t use the standard config files because storage is ephemeral in a docker setup. You can supply config via environment variables instead, either as part of the docker run command or in a docker-compose config file. There’s more information about that in the Docker image’s readme Docker Hub

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Thank you so much! I have configured my SMTP details via environment variables and now everything works well :smiling_face:

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In case anyone struggling with the same issue, here is what I have configured in environment variables:

mail__from=Exemple Corp. <>

Thanks to @Kevin


Hej Aliya, thanks for this. Fixed it for me after many hours of digging.

The mail__from variable did not work though.