Is Ghost still being updated/worked on?

It’s been about half a year since any remotely significant updates to Ghost. I like Ghost a lot, but the lack of updates doesn’t give a lot of confidence on it remaining around. I’m a bit hesitant to continue to build my site on Ghost if it could go away at some point in the near future.

The marketing side of Ghost has not posted any news on changes to Ghost, but Ghost the product gets weekly updates. You can review the updates and activity on GitHub:

IMO, that’s one of the great things about Open Source - you can get an unfiltered picture of what’s going on, and it’s open to anyone :slight_smile:

Good question. The number of feature updates/feature releases seems a bit lower last months, but as mentioned Ghost is maintained quite actively on GitHub.
There were some quiet months on feature releases before Ghost 5.0, hmm :upside_down_face:

At the same time, as with any product, the execution methodology can vary and be impacted by pressing concerns.

For example, Ghost might have done a lot of user-facing work for a few months, then switched to doing something else, like fixing email with the previously-upcoming anti-spam changes from Yahoo and Google, or improving performance of the backend

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