Is ghost the right platform?

Hi all!

I would like to create a fitness-related subscription service, and use a blog as a showcase of my ideas.

My question is, with Ghost I’ll be able to use the built-in membership feature to sell my subscription?
It will involve using an app, and I would like a dedicated button which would navigate visitors to the landing page of the app/service.

I would also like to feature a free newsletter, due to the high conversion rates of that as a marketing tool.

Thank you, and sorry if it has been asked a thousand times.

It seems like Ghost could be a good fit. The landing page, blog, and newsletter are all awesome with Ghost, so no questions there. I think the biggest thing to determine is whether the subscription aspect will fit.

Feel free to give some more info on how you’d like this part to work and we can provide more feedback. You can also sign up for a free Ghost(Pro) trial to try Ghost out and get a sense of it for yourself.

Great! :)

Hmm, I’ll provide a link which may showcase it on a level. ← Here, the “PLTNM” button lead to that separate landing page, where you can sign up for the service. Meanwhile, he also has a free newsletter / free ebook/“e-mail course”.

I really like how funnels are structured on this website.

Edit: Thank you for your quick reply Ryan!

You can definitely build something similar on Ghost, but it might require a custom theme.

In terms of the membership to the fitness platform vs. newsletter membership, you’ll likely need to check out Ghost to see if it’ll work for you.

Okay! :)

Is there by any chance a way to get an idea if it will work or not?

Also, you mentioned landing pages are awesome with Ghost.
Are there preferred official themes for that purpose?

As right now I would just like to showcase the features, testimonials, and a bit about myself to boost my offline business with referrals, while the online is under construction, and I’ll be finished with my first blog post.

Or would a “link in bio” site be more beneficial for that purpose just to start out?

Could you maybe give some ideas? :slight_smile:

I’m going to gently disagree with this. Ghost is really oriented towards writing and publishing blog posts/newsletters. It’s really good at that. If you want a landing page that doesn’t resemble a blog post or a collection of posts (and doesn’t fit nicely in the box whichever theme you’re using gives you for pages), you’re going to need to write it in HTML (or export it as HTML from somewhere else) and add it to your theme.

Can you use Ghost for landing pages? Absolutely. Does Ghost give you a nice drag and drop page builder for what you’re probably picturing? Not really.

Example (work I did this week):

That’s a Ghost page, but it looks like /this/ in the editor (and required some custom work to make that happen):

(Aside: One of these days, I’m going to bundle up all this custom work and actually sell a theme that facilitates this. I suspect users will still be less than satisfied, because although it’s editable in the Ghost editor, it isn’t really pretty…)

Are you trying to create a subscription service or a one-time payment? Currently, ghost only supports a yearly or monthly subscription.