Is that possible to use Ghost SSL certificate on another self hosted service

Hello everybody !

I’m new to Ghost (i find it’s a very good CMS) and Linux. He’s hosted at, and i wanna install a Matomo instance at and use the https certificate of Ghost (i don’t know if it’s a good thing in terms of security, tell me). How to do this ? Is it possible ?

Thanks for the help !

Hey @geekcat :wave:

The SSL certificate is not generated by Ghost, rather it’s generated with Ghost just asks to create the certificate.

The certificate that’s created by Ghost will only be valid for, so you will have to generate a new certificate for The installation is located in /etc/letsencrypt

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thanks a lot ! didn’t know about that, pretty new about Nginx :grin:

No problem! Just to be clear, is a LetsEncrypt client, which integrates with nginx, but is not specific to nginx