Is the latest version can't be installed with MariaDB anymore?

I was trying to install ghost from Docker in Plesk Obsidian. Everything seems went smoothly until I realize it seems it’s not compatible with MariaDB?

Because it’s always have 400 Error when trying to post something, and when I look in the forum. It seems caused by using MariaDB instead of MySQL8.

Why can’t Ghost provide the compatibility with MariaDB anymore? Since majority of web hosting, are using them as the default stack nowadays.

Is there any additional configuration that I have to do to work around this?

Ghost officially supports MySQL, and since Ghost V5, this has become a clear requirement–ghost update issues a notice if MariaDB is found. According to other MariaDB users, the latest update has a breaking change.

For some time, MariaDB and MySQL have diverged. Moreover, Ghost never officially support MariaDB. Your best workaround is to downgrade to Ghost 5.20, which appears to work with MariaDB. Long-term, you need to install MySQL 8.

There are several guides on moving from MariaDB to MySQL in the forums.

Also a proposal for Ghost to add support for MariaDB - but not many votes yet - MariaDB Support

I see. It’s seems I need to change my alternative server control panel to ISPManager, since they able to host MariaDB and MySQL 8 with MariaDB as Docker Instance.

There’s guide to install Ghost Manually with .zip file. It’s also not provided anymore Isn’t it?

So many things changed. :frowning: