Is there a cheaper option for email than the Mailgun intergration?


I am currently paying Mailgun $35 a month for the Foundation tier. It includes 50,000 emails per month, but my total email count this month is 50. I can not see that going above 1000 emails in the long term unless my site suddenly gets super popular.

That 50 email count includes transactional and newsletter emails.

I tried to downgrade my Mailgun account, but it is not showing anything lower than the Foundation tier at $35 per month, which I am currently on. At this rate, I might as well sign-up for Ghost(Pro) rather than self-hosting, but I am resistant because I would prefer to maintain control of everything myself.

Is there any cheaper option to Mailgun, or is that not possible?


Use Mailgun Flex tier, which is essentially free up to 1,000 messages per month.

Search the forum for recent topics on this subject, and how to setup the account.

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I have been utilizing MG for an extended period of time, and I am curious to determine whether the Flex plan is still offered to new users, or if it has been discontinued.

Yes, it is available. Another community member confirmed this a few weeks ago, and posted the steps to downgrade to Flex.

I had to contact Mailgun Customer Service to downgrade from the Free Trial to Flex.

I use Send Grid for a small side project and it has a forever free tier. Perhaps it would work for your use case?

This is a great question because I also held myself back from using Mailgun as it seemed so expensive.

As others have pointed out, you do not need to have a Mailgun subscription, even if their website wants to make you believe otherwise. That’s cuz they force you to subscribe to their Foundation trial at first. If you cancel your Foundation subscription, it will allow you to switch to the aforementioned Flex tier. That one is pay-as-you-go but free for the first 1k messages a month - the perfect option for a small blog and newsletter.