Alternatives to Mailgun

Looking to see if there are any alternative to using mailgin for newsletter mailing.
I have built a ghost site on free infrastructure as much as possible and I am a bit shocked at the pricing for mailgun ($35 a month!) unless I am not reading it correctly. I wont be sending anything like the 5000 emails per month. At least not until I have a good subscription base. Simply, is mailgun the only solution for sending newsletter emails from ghost?

Mailgun has an unadvertised flex plan. Search the forums. You can still get it.


Thanks Cathy! Appreciate the guidance. Do you mean search the mailgin forums or the Ghost forums?

Search this forum for the same question, and the solution.

Thank you. Found the solution. Bit of a palaver to get onto the flex plan :slight_smile:

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I use Sendgrid - I found it is much better than Mailgun if you only send a few emails a day.

How do you use Sendgrid with Ghost? Moreover, what limitations are there? You mention a “few emails a day”, but this isn’t an issue with the Mailgun Flex account since this includes a free quota each month.

Sendgrid also has a SMTP relay - you can simply enter the SMTP information in the Ghost config file.

Sendgrid free plan is 100 email a day (transactional email), and 2000 marketing email per month.

SMTP shouldn’t be used for bulk mail. Moreover, Mailgun also provides an SMTP relay for transactional mail.

But you haven’t answered my question: how do you use Sendgrid with Ghost to send newsletters given there is no native integration?

Mailgun works fine. Its just a weird process to get onto the flex plan.

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