Is there a way to remove /tag from url?

Version ghost:1.22.4


Currently if you’d like to see all posts of a certain tag you’d have to go to Is there a way to remove the second slash and make the tag filter url structure look like:

Thank you!

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A couple of solutions:

  1. Modify the routes.yaml so it looks like this:


    permalink: /{slug}/
    - index

    tag: /{slug}/
    author: /author/{slug}/

This would affect all tags and /tag/ urls may not work any more.

  1. Put something like this in the redirects.json:

    “from”: “^\/interesting-tag(\/?)$”,
    “to”: “/tag/interesting-tag/”

This will just redirect /interseting-tag to /tag/interesting-tag

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This is excellent. Thank you for the knowledge bomb!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

The docs say to add this to “content/settings/routes.yaml”

Where is this folder? Within the theme or ghost app itself?

If you go to “labs” in the sidebar there is an option to upload it directly at the bottom.

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