Is there an admin API rate limiting?

Hello, I need to generate tags for all my (~300) articles and I dont see anyway to do batch updates with the admin api, meaning I’ll have to make one PUT update for each article, is there a rate limiting that would prevent me from doing this ?

Unless you’re self-hosting (in which case no limit unless you have set one up) any rate limiting would depend on your host so you’d need to contact them. If you’re with Ghost(Pro) you can email

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Yeah I was talking about Ghost(Pro), I’ll email them and give their response here when I get one, thanks @Kevin !

Un-dev, I find that if I’m looping through a bunch of API calls that I’m less likely to have problems if I stick a few tenths of a second or so delay in between them. Do I always need it? No. Does it stop annoying things like my local machine deciding it has too many connections open or too many file handles, or some reverse proxy deciding a bot… ? Yep. You could spend a while trying to figure out whether you need to rate limit, or you could just drop a pause into your code and go make a cup of tea while it runs.

Or anyway, that’s what I do. :)


yeah you’re right, that’s what the Ghost support told me anyway, there are no rate limit currently (although it may still change in the future according to them) and it should be fine if I keep it under 50 requests/second

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