Is there supposed to be a limit to the number of posts on Casper's homepage?

I’m up to almost 40 posts showing on the Casper theme’s homepage so far, without having these posts “featured”. Is there any limit, or a simple way we can limit the number of posts on the homepage to something more reasonable like 7 or 10?

I am using Ghost 4.3.3 and the latest version of Casper.

Just to add to this, what I assumed would happen was that after a certain number of posts had filled the homepage, a button would appear at the bottom saying something like “See more posts” and when clicked, either more posts would appear below so the user could continue scrolling down, or the user would be taken to a second page which contained older posts. It seems odd that if a blog contained hundreds of posts they would all be immediately loaded onto the homepage.

Hey @DonaldH, Casper uses infinite scrolling for pagination. It will show 25 posts initially as defined here, and when the page is scrolled to the bottom, posts on the next page will be fetched and appended to the list automatically under the hood.

You can see more on the infinite scroll implementation here. Casper/infinite-scroll.js at main · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub

Thanks @minimaluminium. I didn’t notice that the older posts were loading by themselves as I scrolled towards the bottom of the page. Is there a way to change this so that the user can click a “See more posts” button instead? I imagine I could just remove infinite-scroll.js but I would have to manually add a button to the page template and create my own script to load older posts either beneath or on another page, is that correct?

My reasoning is that I think the Casper theme looks great with 7 or 10 posts on the homepage (with one larger post at the top) but as you scroll down, three endless columns of posts begins to look rather bland and unappealing, in my opinion.

Another option might be for me to remove the infinite scroll script and alter the template so that the home page shows a small number of posts and then displays a list of links to tags so that people can click and quickly find more posts that might interest them.

I agree the Casper 4 home page looks very bland on a desktop. I’m still on Casper 3 and it rotates through having 3, 2 then 1 post per row. Looks much better. See here
I want to upgrade to Casper 4 soon and hope I can reintroduce this feature.