It takes too long to display one post , or open the main page

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It takes too long to display one post , or open the main page.

When I first created the Ghost Blog, it didn’t take long.
However, there are currently more than 50,000 posts.
Sometimes it takes more than 20 seconds to find a post in this state.

Is there any way to solve it?

If posts can be separated into different databases or tables within mysql, it will save time, but I don’t think this method will be possible.

Really all depends on your setup, where it is hosted, type of hosting and so on. The issue may simply be a limit you are hitting as set by your hosting provider. A solution for that many posts will likely involve having MySQL on a separate server to improve performance.

You’re 100% hitting the max cap of RAM. Quite common if you’re on self hosted solution with DO/AWS etc.

Does Ghost have cache feature? I know Drupal does and it reduces RAM usage by a HUGE amount. I’m moving my content from Drupal to Ghost, because like WordPress, Drupal is bloated.

I am not aware @prokopton I use SWAP