JWT token - response says "Invalid token: invalid signature"

I am trying to use JWT tokens, I have created a token and I validates in the jwt.io console, but ghost says


“errors”: [


“message”: “Invalid token: invalid signature”,

“context”: null,

“type”: “UnauthorizedError”,

“details”: null,

“property”: null,

“help”: null,

“code”: “INVALID_JWT”,

“id”: “18ef6370-d310-11e9-bc42-bd4edde21fa2”




Please help

It would help if you shows how you are creating the JWT. Are you using one of the examples from the docs or are you using your own code? If it’s your own code can you share it so that someone could point to where it might be going wrong?


It’s ok I found it,

I’m using SwiftJWT by ibm, I needed to decode the secret as hex, it’s all working now, thanks

I’m creating an iOS swift sdk for you for your site