Knex-migrator error updating to Ghost 2.0

I’m trying to update a Ghost site from 1.x to 2.0, and I’m running into some issues running the knex-migrator.

Unfortunately my hosting provider ( does not give me root access, so I am unable to use the Ghost CLI. Previously I have managed to wrangle everything to let me install Ghost using pure npm commands, but now I’m trying to to update I’m running into an issue.

I’m making a fresh install of Ghost 2.0 using npm, and then copying my sqlite3 databases over to the new content directory. This all seems to work fine. Then I go to run the knex-migrator migrate command:

NODE_ENV=production ./node_modules/knex-migrator/bin/knex-migrator migrate --mgpath node_modules/ghost

Which gives me the following output:

[2018-08-26 22:48:33] INFO Creating database backup 
[2018-08-26 22:48:33] INFO Database backup written to: /home/protected/blog/content/data/jons-blog-spot.ghost.2018-08-26.json 
[2018-08-26 22:48:33] INFO Migrating Koenig beta post's mobiledoc/HTML to 2.0 format 
[2018-08-26 22:48:33] INFO Migrated Koenig beta post's mobiledoc/HTML to 2.0 format 
[2018-08-26 22:48:33] INFO Adding demo post. 
[2018-08-26 22:48:34] INFO Rollback: Fixture posts. 
[2018-08-26 22:48:34] INFO Rollback: Bring back demo post. 

It then prints out the contents of the demo post explaining the new Koenig editor, and then ends with this error:

Error: SQLITE_ERROR: table posts has no column named comment_id

It seems that the migrate command is attempting to add the demo post to my database, but one of the columns it expects is missing. Is there a way to get the migrator to properly add the missing column? Alternatively, is there a way I can convince it to not attempt to add the demo post to my blog and just skip it entirely?

You have to update to the latest V1 version first, explained here.

That did it! Thanks!

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