Kusi Doc new free theme

Hello :smile:

In this time of quarantine by covid-19 and in a far away place I decided to create a new theme for ghost.

Kusi Doc is a beautiful and elegant theme for the documentation of your project.

With Kusi Doc you can create a documentation of your project very easily. The theme has a very nice design.

Kusi doc like my other themes is free and available on GitHub.


@GodoFredoNinja whoa there, cowboy! That theme loads at under 40kb!

Crazy fast!!!

How can I get the menu on the left, and the TOC on the right?

Do you have a demo site showing the theme?

:nerd_face: Hello @denvergeeks

I really love Kusi Doc it’s a beautiful theme to create elegant and simple documentations.

If you ask me why it has the name Kusi doc. Kusi comes from the Quechua language that originated in Peru. Kusi means Happy, so it means a Happy Documentation :sweat_smile:

Before loading the routes you can make a fast test.

Install the theme and create an article, use the template kusi doc. The template uses the ghost secondary menu, it will also add an auto link to each title and automatically load TOC on the right side.

It’s that easy with no need to make any modifications.

Use these routes to work well.

Now you can be guided by the documentation that is on github

      post: page.kusi-home
    template: kusi-doc-home

    permalink: /docs/{slug}/
    filter: primary_tag:docs
    # Adding all the content of a specific post
    # data: post.introduction
    # template: custom-kusi-doc

    permalink: /blog/{slug}/
    template: kusi-doc-blog
    filter: primary_tag:blog
    # Add data for title and content
    # data:
    #   post: page.kusi-doc-blog

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index
  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

Any questions you have, please let me know.

and please stay home.

@GodoFredoNinja that is so interesting – thank you for explaining the theme name. I love to learn new things like that!

And it helps me (and the community) get to know you.

I have noticed, and truly have appreciated, your generous contributions to the community. You are an inspiration to me!

(Here is one of the Ghost themes I’m working on lately):

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Hey @denvergeeks

Thank you for your feedback.

I updated the documentation with images. Now it’ s more understandable.

You have a good project.

I wish you success and good luck with your projects :nerd_face:

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@GodoFredoNinja thank you for updating your docs - I will test and report back!

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