LOVE GHOST SO MUCH! Membership/Subs. Function & Koenig Editor like!

Dear Ghost Dev. Team,

I am new to Ghost, but Ghost is what I have been looking for, cause its Node.Js, and come later all feature such,

  1. Koenig editor (Ghost Editor like I really it so much, super clean, simple, and modern, it really fits UI CMS admin, great!

  2. Ghost is SEO friendly, all SEO feature comes from its CMS includes an integration option, but please give more SEO options for the future update.

  3. Membership & Subscription function! I really really need this. It is a great decision to give this function comes with Ghost. With this function, at least all my ideas and thoughts that we put on our writings/articles can be valued and giving me a chance to make a living, earning money from that. I can make my web as an Online Blog Magazine style. Monetizing my website!

  4. Co-Author is great, so I can do a collaboration on writing, nice job. I really love this functionality, really like big Publisher, more Publication things, please!

Thank you so much for Dev Team, you really did a great job, you make Ghost NodeJs happen! Keep doing your great job, please! You are on the track! I as publisher wanna grow with Ghost.

At this moment, I still doing self-hosted for my Ghost cms, I hope I make good money, I am gonna put my website on Ghost hosting to support Ghost Development.


Welcome here, @georgie !!! I could not agree more !!!

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Nice to meet you @denvergeeks. Hope I can hire you for my web front-end dev. in the future. I had a visit to

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