Mail error - "Too many sign-in attempts" blocking Amazon SES config setup

Ghost is self-hosted. I just moved my server over to Hetzner; running the latest version on Ubuntu 22.04

I am trying to get Amazon SES working. I use it on my self-hosted Mastodon instance without fail.

I keep getting “too many sign-in attempts” as I try to get things working - I’ve found this document which suggests that I toss this into config.production.json

…but that throws up an error when I do a ghost restart.

How can I configure this so I can do some actual testing…?

Not that mailout distribution via Mailgrid works fine; it’s only transactional SES that does not. I’m using the same SES SMTP credentials as I use on my Mastodon instance, and I have DKIM’d the domain

Hello @jimcarrolll,

Please search the forum for “too many attempts”. There are a number of posts about this topic.