Make post titles display on index page imaged - Edge Theme

Hi there,

I’m using the Edge Theme which displays on its index page the featured images from all posts, but without any text / post title.

I’d like to either display the post title under each image, or make the post title appear over each image when the image is hovered over.

I found this old thread asking the same question, but code-injecting the css mentioned there didn’t have any effect.

Any ideas? I know very little about css / code in general, so ELI5 would be very much appreciated.

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If you link your site, that’ll make it easier to see if there’s a quick CSS solution.

As an alternative, I think London might do what you’re describing already.

ah sorry, my site’s not public, just local at the moment
Is london another theme? the layout etc of edge is perfect for my uses

London is another theme. I looked at, which might or might not be the latest version of Edge.

Try this:

.post-caption {
    display: block;
    position: relative;
    visibility: unset;
    z-index: 200;

You may need to tack an !important onto some of those attributes, if it doesn’t seem to be applying correctly. You’ll need additional styling, but there’s a start!

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that worked, thank you so much!

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This was really helpful, thank you! I also had this issue and have no experience with any kind of coding. I was wondering if there was a way to only show the title without the date under each image?

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To what’s above, add

.post-caption-meta {display: none;}

(all between style tags,of course!)

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Many, many thanks, your help is massively appreciated <3

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