Make tag page based on language

I have created a ghost site for 4 different languages: en, 中, 日, 한
Posts are working nicely. But the problem is for Tag page. How can I make tag page for different languages?

Site URL:

I want when customer go to Chinese language post and if they click on Technology tag from Chinese language, he can get only Chinese posts on that tag.

URL may be like this:

Please give me a solution. I tried with routes but it is not working.


The setup you have does sound quite complex, which means you’re hitting the limitations of whats possible with Ghost tags and collections. You could create custom collections that exclude translations, but that would mean creating collections for each tag. Have you considered using Ghost as a Headless CMS with the Ghost Content API? That way you could create more intricate routing and filter tags more precisely :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I have the same problem and wishes. ENAMUL_HAQUE, thanks for the topic!
For example, I am working on (IP/IT legal issues in Russia and abroad). Now site content has been divided into 2 languages. But I faced with problem how to organize tags for similar posts on different languages. For example:

  1. posts about domain names (one tag /domains for the content on both languages)
  2. posts about court practice (similar tags /court-cases and /courts - one per each language)

First example is a good solution. My thoughts about its pros and cos:


  1. If my site is on more than one language, I still use 1x tags, instead of 2x, 3x, Nx tags (equal to number of languages). It is simpler to administer them.
  2. Ghost admin panel in /Posts and /Tags sections for some unknown reason don’t have filtering on languages. So, I don’t want to have a lot of tags.
  3. It is comfortable to have common tags (like copyright, patents, domains, etc,). It is not a good at all to create additional tags (like copyright2 or copyright-ru, domain-names, etc).


  1. As a user, I don’t want to see the content (even relevant) on different languages in a collection. And I certainly don’t want to see the posts on the language, that I don’t know.
  2. If I create one tag (e.g. /copyright, at /ghost/#/tags/copyright I can write the name, description and metadata only in one language.

possible solutions:

  1. To assign tags to the languages. I want to specify, what tags may be used for what languages only. After that, Ghost understands from a page in what language a user goes to /tag page: if he goes from #ru post, then Gosts automatically displays tagged posts only in Russian.
  2. To automatically add on each tag page filter to display the posts. E.g. if a website on three languages (Russian, English, Chinese), such filter shall suggest: to display posts at /tag/domains in English, in Russian, in Chinese, in all languages.

David, it’s me again with questions:

  1. Why Ghost admin panel does not have language filter for posts and tags? When it will appear?
  2. Is it possible to have one tag and specify the name, description and metadata for it on different languages? If no, when will this be possible?
  3. How much work does require the idea of a filter on a tag page? Will this be available in Casper in near future and when?

I think you’re trying to get tags to do something that is far more complex that it needs to be. I don’t think you should be grouping both Russian and English articles into the same tag, shouldn’t you be creating tags for specific languages? All tags in Ghost come with a description, which should really be written in the native language they are for. Yes this does mean more admin work for maintaining content, but that’s kinda the nature of managing content in multiple languages :slight_smile: