Making pages (or site) unavailable in certain browsers

I’m running a blog ( on ghost’s service, and I had what may seem like an odd request.

There are pages on my site that, if someone visits from a certain web browser, I want to deny them access. (This is part of a project about privacy and tracking, so it’s not about technical limitations, it’s more of an illustration).

Technically, I know how to do this in a vanilla web site (detect the browser id string, display different content). I’m wondering the best way to do this in ghost.

  • if I wanted it site-wide (e.g., you go to anything on, I suspect there’d be a way to do it with routes, perhaps? Can I check that sort of thing in the route? I doubt I want to do this.
  • if I wanted to add something to a certain page, is there a simple way to set/test something in handlebars so I could have some “<<if #browserX>> <> <>” in some of the page templates?

Thanks for any suggestions!