Manually changing the Ghost URL: is it enough to set `config`?

A quick question. In When click site name, it goes to http://localhost:2368, @Hannah helpfully gave the CLI command for changing the Ghost URL:

ghost config url <your domain here> and then ghost restart to change the domain. If you need to get nginx configured run ghost setup nginx ssl and the cli will ensure that nginx and ssl certs are correctly created and configured for you.

If you didn’t install with Ghost CLI, you should manually create your own configuration file in your Ghost root:

My question: if I’m not using the Ghost CLI, what part of the config should I change? Is it enough to change the url setting, or is there additional setup required in (for example) the database?

I ask because I remember changing the database field once, and I’m not sure if that’s a required step or not. It’s working now without changing the database, but I’m not sure if there are any hidden gotchas I’m missing.