Mass remove tags

While writing a script to migrate my blog from wordpress to ghost, I unknowingly have created hundreds of tags. What is the best way to remove them, apart from deleting one by one?

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I think your best bet is to use the Admin API for this. You could GET /tags/ and write them as a csv, which you can open in Excel or Google Sheets to decide what to keep and what to delete. Once you have a list to delete, you can DELETE /tags/{id} for every one. Of course, you might want to make a back up (export) of your site just in case

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@grant Is it possible to do with GhostSharp?

Looks like there’s only read support (from the content API), and not write support. I think he mentioned it’s compatible with the stable endpoints, and edit themes is experimental atm


Do you mean in GhostSharp?

Yes. The JS SDK looks like it has support for deleting tags though

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Re: what Vikas said, yeah I barely have enough time to try supporting stable endpoints without going nuts on the experimental ones, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

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