Massively Theme

Is Massively theme still available in Ghost stores?

I am not able to make my background image mobile responsive.

Can anyone help me out?I downloaded it from Github

Massively doesn’t look like it’s been updated to 5.x, but that’s probably not the problem.

The demo looks fine on mobile to me- can you provide some more details on what’s wrong? Screenshot or better yet, link to the site?

I use Massively on a site with Ghost V5, and it’s fine on mobile.

Sorry for the late reply Cathy.

If you open the site the background image is not responsive on mobile.

Im in my free trial.Not yet subscribed.

I think I will need separate images for mobile and desktop.I will have to change the Aspect ratio

IS there anyway I can do that on ghost?

Looks like you can fix it just by tweaking the css. Try this (put it in your code injection inside <style> tags or your .css file.

#wrapper>.bg {
background-size: cover!important;

That should cause your image to completely cover the appropriate section. Your image will get cropped (sides or top), depending on the screen, but it won’t leave gaps.

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Thank you Cathy.It worked

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Oh good! Glad to hear it!