Memberkit - Membership management and automation platform for Ghost


My name is Charles. I have looked around this forum and realized that there is no easy solution for creators to automate the process the engaging with their subscribers when running a blog on Ghost. You have to setup zapiers, integromate, etc or code everything yourself. To solve this problem I have decided to build Memberkit, a software that helps creators using the Ghost save time by automating tasks based on subscribers actions and events and make better decisions. Find below a summary of the features I am planning to build

How it works

  1. Connect your Ghost blog to Memberkit using a Ghost admin API key
  2. Connect your email provider (used only when sending emails to subscribers)
  3. Create your own workflows
  4. That’s it! Watch Memberkit automate those tasks

Basic Features

Based on what I found on the Ghost forum these are the features that I am planning to build for the MVP

Subscribers dashboard

A list of all your subscribers as well as stats on signups, new subscriptions and more

Workflow: automated emails to your subscribers

Create email templates and send emails to your subscribers based on specific events. A few examples

  • Send welcome email
  • Send thank you email when they subscribe to paid plan
  • Send recurring emails with most recent articles once a month

Email notifications

Get notified when events occurs on Ghost:

  • New member
  • New paid subscribers
  • User updated their subscription plan


  • One-time $100 payment for lifetime access for those who join the private beta.
  • After private beta there will be a monthly subscription for everyone else

Interested? Join the waiting list. You will notified by email when the private beta is ready and how to setup your account. Joining the mailing list free.

I also have the same info on this Notion page I have created while I am building the landing page and MVP

Feel free to ask any question you have here :slight_smile:


I would pay for this in a heartbeat.

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Hi Alex! I’m glad this tool would be really helpful to you. If you haven’t already make sure you join the mailing list :slight_smile:

Hi, @charlesloubao I would love to test this product and maybe feature it in my blog.

The ability to send a welcome email is something super interesting.

Signing to the waiting list now!

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Hi @Tiago thank you for signing up for the mailing list. Look for an email from me sometimes in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile:

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Update March 2nd 2022

I am thrilled to announce that MemberKit is open to early adopters starting today!

I have put together a demo video showing how to setup your account and the creation of a very simple workflow

My goal with this private beta is to focus on the features my early adopters care the most about. Currently MemberKit workflows supports the following triggers (events):

  1. New member on your site
  2. Member unsubscribed from your newsletter
  3. Member re-subscribes from your newsletter
  4. Member edited (low level event)
  5. Member deleted (low level event)

#4 and #5 are lower level events that will be useful when we introduce more complicated workflows. The first 3 are the officially supported events.

When an event occur you can add the following tasks to your workflows

  1. Send email to member
  2. Send email notification to yourself or someone

I have more ideas that I will share with those who joined the private beta and based on the feedback I receive I will prioritize what to build and/or pivot.

I would like to re-iterate that if you are interested in joining the private beta after watching the demo video it will require a one-time $100 payment . This will only be available to early adopters - when the app is open to the public, a monthly subscription will be required.

If you join the private beta and later decide to opt-out, there is a 14 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. I understand that a paid private beta is not for everyone.

Click on “ Click here to login ” on the top right corner. The video above shows the login process as well.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Again, let me know if you have any questions or concerns

MemberKit update 3-7-2022

New triggers available

You can trigger workflows when the following occurs on your website

  1. Member subscribed to paid plan
  2. Member canceled their paid plan
  3. Member switched to a different plan

This feature will require you connecting your Stripe account to MemberKit. I made the process as easy as possible!

Early adopters discount expires on March 31st 2022

The early adopters discount will expire on March 31st 2022. After that date the new monthly plan will start at $15/month.

MemberKit update 3-21-2022

We added shortcuts to the task editor!

I know this is an older post but I am new to ghost and looking for a tool to automate emails to people whose subscriptions (comp subs) expire within X days. Will your addon do that? Thanks!

@JD_Roberto the platform was shutdow due to lack of interest.