Subscription Form API

Good Day,

I need some help regarding on Subscribing to ghost cms newsletter from the other website.
I’m planning to create a separate subscribe form that will be using by the other website. Is there any api that i can consume to add new subscribers to my ghost cms?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Its_Niel! There is no officially stable API for managing “subscriptions” (better known as members in Ghost). You could use Member Admin API endpoints to create “subscriber” records (members with subscribed flag set to true), BUT this is not a stable API and might/will change in the future! You can consume these API endpoints in the same way as any other stable Admin API.

Thanks Naz for your reply it would be helpful!

Just want to share also
I tried a work around using send-magic-link endpoint I just pass the email and emailType and label with an empty array. I’m not sure if is that a best practice.

Thanks naz for your help!

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