Membership features available when using Ghost as headless CMS?

Hello all,

First time developer here looking to harness Ghost’s awesome membership and payments features in 3.0.

Unfortunately, I had already coded an entire site in React using Gatsby, which I am now very partial to. I set up Ghost as a headless CMS for this site, but I don’t see a way to utilize the membership features without coding my own Ghost theme in Handlebars.

Is there a way I can use membership features but keep my desired front end?

Thanks for considering!

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Hi @elibenton!

To quote John in another thread:

Understood! Thanks for sharing that response. Any idea of timeline? Understand if not, but just debating if I should remake my front end in Handlebars or if I should just change to Pico for a while.

Anyone have good handlebars references? :sweat_smile:

We’ve got some pretty extensive handlebars documentation :grin:

Regarding the timeframe, there’s a comment in the docs about it:

While the exact roadmap isn’t shared publicly (we tried it and it turned out to be more distracting than helpful), the things being worked on are generally very visible on GitHub.

Ghost have a good theme handlebars reference, as does handlebars.js.

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