Ghost on the JAMstack

After some major updates to Ghost's public API and tooling, it's now possible to use Ghost as a completely decoupled headless CMS.

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Its very cool but I am confused. How can I use Ghost CMS for a site hosted on GitHub through Netlify? Or is there any way to directly start using Ghost CMS for a website that I can directly host on Netlify?

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Is there an example somewhere on how to actually do it, that is build a static version of your blog? Has someone done it? Or is it just groundwork for this feature?

The ghost docs run using this feature.



There’s also quite a bit of information in this repo (which was linked in the article)

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Cool development! I’m in the process of migrating my Jekyll site to Gatsby, and am considering using Ghost as the CMS.

I’m not too familiar with Ghost, but is it currently possible to add more content types than just “stories”? For example if I wanted to create a directory over something on my site, or something else where I needed to define the structure myself?

If not, are you planning on adding this in the near future?

It sounds like you want the dynamic routing feature although that’s aimed more at the built-in front-end. If you’re using Gatsby then you’re free to use tags / hidden tags in a similar manner to define the structure of your site.


I think @tkrunning is rather asking about the ability to create custom content types directly in the Ghost admin, which is not currently available.

There was a discussion about this here:

It’s something that Strapi CMS seems to offer out of the box:


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