Meta tag keywords


Hello, how can i include meta tag keywords to all my articles, tags and pages?


Not sure if you can add keywords specifically to each post, however you have a couple of options when it comes to that:

  • You can edit the meta title and meta description in the Post Settings Menu of the admin editor.
  • For articles, tags, and static pages, you have the option to set custom templates for any/all of them in your theme: - in these custom templates you could add meta keywords.


You can also add keywords or other meta tags, that are not automatically inserted by Ghost, using Code Injection inside the post settings. Edit a post -> Click Gear Icon -> Code Injection -> Add code in Post Header.


Ah yes - completely forgot about code injection! That would definitely be the better way to do it :slight_smile:


ty, guys =)
But how to deal with tag-pages…

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