Migrating from Wordpress with new or current domain?


I am currently moving back from Wordpress to ghost after a couple of years. As I am (currently) only a casual blogger I copied the content yet over from my Wordpress (anditjustworks.blog) to my ghost (itjustworks.blog).

I am nearly done and wanted to ask for your advice if I now should switch domains so my ghost Blog will become the one with the anditjustworks.blog domain which is currently recognized by Google Search with me.

Or will this mess up with Google and I should just leave the itjustworks.blog Domain with Google to let it get into Google Search results whenever?

Both (ghost and Wordpress) are currently running at Namecheap and also the Domains are both at Namecheap, so I could easily switch I assume but just not sure if this is a good idea from SEO perspective.

Thankful for any advice / suggestion :slight_smile: